Wearing the right kind of shoes during pregnancy

When you are pregnant, your body goes for a major makeover. Your hormones play quite a few games and the result is that you have a lot of pains and aches to bear. Undoubtedly, pregnancy is a beautiful experience (not mentioning the moments that may drive you completely crazy) and you will surely love a lot about the fact that your unborn baby is growing happily inside of you. But as your baby grows, things aren’t going to get easy but more and more difficult for you. You get all uncomfortable due to the protruding belly and more than that, it is the excess weight that you have to carry with that will become a little menace of sorts. Your feet perhaps bear the entire grunt so why not pamper them a little so that pregnancy seems a little easy on them? Wearing the right shoes can make a significant difference.

Wearing the right kind of shoes during pregnancy

Wearing the right kind of shoes during the various stages of pregnancy is essential to keep your feet comfortable and happy. With women becoming more conscious of their style as well as comfort during their pregnancy, there is an increasing demand for all things comfortable yet stylish made specifically for the pregnancy period. Shoes are a no exception. There is a wide variety of styles available to choose from and while you can get absolutely comfortable in these, you can also stay on the very top from the style aspect. After all, as a mother-to-be, you deserve to be proudly stylish and comfortable!

Here, we have picked for you some of the must-have shoe styles that you will need during the different phases of pregnancy. Grab them all and stay chic yet comfy all through your pregnancy days –

  • Belly shoes

Belly shoes

Trendy yet light in weight, these shoes can be worn with just about any outfit. They look good with your summer dresses and also with your formals. While these look good with all your outfits, they are also super comfortable. They come in beautiful designs, patterns and colors. The most common patterns include the ones with bow-ties or those that have a cute round shape at the toe. There are also those that are peep-toed. Belly shoes look cute on a pregnant woman’s feet so make sure you have them in your shoe wardrobe.

  • Platform shoes

Platform shoes

Heels aren’t the right choice during pregnancy for the obvious reasons. It is these reasons that make platform shoes quite ideal choice for the expectant mothers. The platform shoes have flat soles and the width of the shoe is also very comfortable that will easily accommodate your swollen feet. These shoes are the most preferred choice among the mothers to be.

  • Crocs


If comfort is what you are looking at, crocs won’t miss your eye. They are soft, comfortable and in every way perfect for casual wear by expectant mothers. Crocs come with a orthotic molded foot that adds on to the comfort factor as well as gives extra support to your lower legs, hip and back.

  • Moccasins


They are easy to wear and very convenient too. They are casual ballet style shoes that you can turn to when you have to rush and make sure that you don’t slip or skid.

  • Flat boots

Flat boots

If it is the winters when you are pregnant, you may want something warm for your feet. There can be nothing better than the flat boots in this case. The materials used in making boots are often soft and plush making boots comfortable for long wear.

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