The GM diet plan

Obesity is one of the biggest challenges for people all over the world. With our work schedules going erratic by the day coupled with all the wrong diet choices we make, obesity has become pretty much common. So much so that according to a research study if the current trend continues, an estimated 700 million people will be obese by the end of 2015. While a sedentary lifestyle, wrong diet choices and lack of exercise remain to be the primary causes of obesity, the most prominent cause is definitely the food habits. In view of this, General Motors, the American automobile manufacturer, has created the General Motors Diet plan popularly known as the GM diet plan.

The GM diet plan was devised particularly for the employees of General Motors and their families as a wellness initiative by the company. It was field tested at the John Hopkins Research Center and thereafter gained recognition as an effective diet plan that contributes to weight loss as well as contributes to an overall improvement in attitude and productivity of individuals. The GM diet plan, if followed in the right way, can help in reducing about 4 pounds in a week while cleansing the body of all the harmful toxins and making you healthy from within.

What is the GM diet plan?

The best thing about the GM diet plan is that it is something that is doable. Unlike the many other diet programs, GM diet plan is practical and people who follow it do not feel that it is on the extreme side thereby, they find it easier to follow it in entirety without making any tweaks.

GM diet chart – the beginning!

The GM diet plan is basically a week long diet program with a defined course of food intake. If followed exactly, the GM diet plan helps you in losing about 2 to 4 pounds of weight during one week. GM diet is easy to follow and also is safe without creating any health complications. The best aspect of this diet plan is that it helps in flushing out all impurities from your body and hence, it contributes to your overall wellness and not just weight loss.

So, here is the diet plan –

Day One:

Day One

The first day of the GM diet plan is the preparation day that prepares your body for the coming 6 days of diet. Day one is the all-fruits day when you consume only fruits except bananas. Though watermelon and cantaloupes are recommended, you can consume all fruits except bananas. Along with the fruits, you will be required to consume about 8-12 glasses of water. Fruits won’t let you feel hungry if you have them in enough quantity.

Day Two:

Day two

Day two is the all vegetables day. You can eat raw or steamed veggies. Make sure you don’t have any oil with the veggies. Boiled potatoes are a good way to start your day. Again, have water along with the veggies just like day one. The fiber in the vegetables can cause you to rush to the washroom quite often but that is what the aim of the diet plan is – to cleanse your body thoroughly.

Day Three:

This day, you eat a combination of fruits and vegetables. No bananas yet and no potatoes too. Your body will get used to eating fruits and vegetables by day three and you won’t feel hungry or uncomfortable. Drink enough water like the earlier two days.

Day Four:

This is the bananas and milk day. You can have as many as 8 to 10 bananas and drink about 3 glasses of milk. No other food except that. Bananas are quite filling so you won’t feel hunger.

Day Five:

This is the day you introduce rice to your body again. Have a cup of rice for lunch and about six tomatoes throughout the day. Increase your water intake to 15 glasses a day as your body is now producing more uric acid.

Day Six:

Again, have a cup of rice today with all the veggies you like. Water intake is important on this day too.

Day Seven:

The last day is when you have some rice, veggies and a lot of fruit juices too.


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