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The Best Pets to Have Health Wise


Pets are like your best companions. People who are in love with animals tend to consider their pets a part of their family. There are several reasons why people are completely in love with their pets – they make your time at home wonderful, they add joy and life to your otherwise quiet home and above all, they can actually help you live better. Yes, you read that right. Pets can also play a role in improving your health. If that sounds surprising to you, you’ll be amazed to know that there are actually some pets that are considered best from your health perspective. If you are an animal lover, this would be a pleasant thing to know and if you are still considering having a pet, read further and you’ll be sure you are making the right decision.

Pets aren’t just your best friends!

Our little, cute munchkins – our pets, are a lot more than our friends. They are our companions, our family members who bring us a lot of joy and happiness. Also, they can contribute in a positive manner towards our health and that, in unexpected ways. Studies have proven that the more attached you are to your little pet; the stronger are the protective benefits that you will derive from your relationship. Here are the top animals (read pets) that can help you a great deal to make your health better in ways you never knew.

The best pets with benefits, literally!

  1. The faithful dogs:


Dogs are known to be the best pets for mankind and the reasons are too many to state. From the health perspective, dog owners are known to enjoy quite a bit too. Studies indicate dog owners have fewer complains of blood pressure, high cholesterol and also reportedly show lower levels of triglyceride. A 2011 journal on physical activity and health also stated that dog owners are 34% more likely to be regular with their exercise regime. Also, kids who grow up with dogs at home are less prone to allergies because their immune system tends to develop more tolerance.

  1. The cute cats:

Cats are just as good as dogs as far as stress relieving element is considered but yes, there exist fewer studies to prove it and hence, the cats come in at the second place. A research study at the University of Minnesota proved that people who never owned a cat are at a 40% higher risk of death due to a cardiac arrest. Now that means, you need cats for a healthy heart!

  1. The calm fish:

Fishes can instantly relieve you from your daily stress. Watching fish tends to calm you down quite easily. Studies show that watching fish can be equated to listening to soothing music that tends to distract a person’s mind in a good way. Having an aquarium at home will be a great way to get rid of negativity and will help you stay calm even in tensed situations.

  1. The beautiful birds:

Birds also have healing properties. They make you feel relaxed and energized when you look at them. This is the reason why bird watching is increasingly becoming a favorite pastime among the urban dwellers who find it hard to catch a glimpse of these lovely creatures. If you are lucky to have birds at home as pets, you are sure close to nature.

  1. The gorgeous horses:

Horses complete this list of healthy pets. They are strong and may seem to be a bit intimidating initially. But as you begin to live with them and overpower their strength to become their master, you will actually feel a lot more confident in dealing with your life’s other challenges. Horses bring a lot of emotional healing power and give their owners the strength and confidence to deal with everyday issues of life more easily.


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