How to be sure you are marrying the right person

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. We might see several short lived marriages and we might hear of divorces and separations too often but when you want to marry, you do so with an intention to spend the rest of your life with your spouse. But, the question is how easy or difficult is it to decide whether you are marrying the right person or not. There might be several matchmakers in your life – your parents, friends or family. However, it is you will have to consider the many important aspects to figure out if this is person you have been waiting for.

Things to keep in mind before deciding to get married

  1. Friendship comes before love

Friendship comes before love

When it comes to marriage, it is important to understand that you have a lifetime to spend together. Love tends to subside a little with time and this means, the spark in your relationship will also start to diminish. However, if you share a great friendship with your partner, you will always appreciate each others company. Establishing friendship will take some time and effort from both of you but a good friendship will last forever. So, ensure you both are good friends first and then commit yourself to each other for life.

  1. Get in sync first

Get in sync first

While being friends with your spouse to be is important, it is also important to be in sync with him. Yes, we may have a lot of friends but we may not share their opinions or views. We may not even share the same dreams. Hence, just being friends with your partner to be isn’t enough. You should also share some mutual interests and have a similar outlook towards life. This is something that you have to pay keen attention to when you are dating someone with an intention to create a serious lifelong relationship there.

  1. Sex matters, it really does

Sex matters, it really does

No matter whether you agree or not, sex is important and it can make or break your relationship. Your sexual fantasies may not be exactly the same but you both need to enjoy sex with each other. Some couples may not want to really indulge in some per-marital sex; you can definitely get intimate in many other ways. This will help you judge the sexual preferences of your partner to be and help you understand if your wavelengths match when it comes to spending private time in the bedroom.

  1. Bonding over eating

Bonding over eating

Food is the most important factor to judge your partner to be. Spend time eating out with him. Understand his likes and dislikes as this will help you in analyzing his personality too. Also, check on how flexible he is with his eating habits. Sometimes, little things like the type of food you eat and like may create bigger issues in your life together.

  1. Addictions and how accommodate you are

Addictions and how accommodate you are

Some addictions are very common. Depending on your personal opinion, you may have or may not have tolerance towards these addictions. Your partner to be may be addicted to smoking, for instance. Give yourself time to figure out how much accommodate  you are towards this and yes, do a reality check here. Be open about your addictions and discuss about your partner’s without judging him.

  1. Discuss your finances

Discuss your finances

For your relationship to blossom, you need to have a good life. Financial issues can have a major impact on your relationship. Understand your partner’s views towards money. Financial literacy is important and whether your partner earns good enough money or not, it is important that both your views about money are similar.


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