Reasons Why People Don’t Want Kids

Becoming parents and starting a family is something most people would yearn for after a certain age, however, lately many people feel that they are not ready to have children or in some cases they do not wish to have kids at all.

In traditional societies, where marriage, a complete family, etc, are regarded very highly, having a child is an unwritten rule, however, these days, people have varied interests and goals that may break certain traditional stereotypes.

Being ready for a child and taking that huge responsibility is no simple matter and a lot of people worry that they may not be all that ready for such a big step in their lives.

Imagine that you and your partner both work demanding jobs and you want to climb that career ladder at a faster pace, having a child at that point would not make a lot of sense, right?

Pregnancy and child-rearing come with pros and cons and the fact is some people never have a best time to get pregnant, due to various reasons, so they wish to never have kids.

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