What you need to know before going for a boob job?

What you need to know before going for a boob job

We all have our perceptions about beauty. For some hazel eyes are beautiful and for some, it is the gorgeous black eyes; some women may feel attractive with blonde hair while some others may find it a little fake. The same is the case with your body – different women carry different notions of a perfectly beautiful body and in most cases, it has to do with the right size of breasts.

It is true that breasts define the femininity of a woman. Hence, women who are blessed with naturally perfect breasts are often perceived to be more attractive than those who aren’t. Typically, it is usually the small breasts that are considered to be unappealing by most of us but the fact is that even too big breasts can look very unsightly as well. So, in their urge to get the perfect looking breasts that are toned and not sagging as well as of the perfect size, more and more women are now opting for breast implants and other breast jobs. While such cosmetic processes have become extremely common these days, here are certain things that you need to be aware of –

  1. Smaller implants are becoming a popular choice

Smaller implants are becoming a populSmaller implants are becoming a popular choicear choice

There is a certain degree of shift in the preference regarding the right size of breasts. Unlike earlier when the Baywatch models had set the norm for bigger boobs, today the preference is more towards smaller and more subtle breasts. The smaller implants have other advantages too like there is a lesser potential of rippling or the outline being seen. Smaller breast implants also don’t give the utterly fake stuck on look.

  1. Don’t go by the ‘before ‘ and ‘after’ pictures

Dont go by the before and afterpictures

The ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures that you will often see are not something to go by particularly for all cosmetic breast procedures. That is because every woman is different from her body’s perspective and particularly with regard to the shape and size of breasts. The results of any surgical procedure will depend on the shape and size of your breasts before the procedure. You cannot expect to see similar results as was with someone else you know.

  1. Find your surgeon with god research

Find your surgeon with god research

Make sure that you do your research well when looking for your right surgeon. In all reality, the minimum requirement for the right surgeon is being a qualified plastic surgery specialist. Look for the prior procedures performed by the surgeon and speak to his or her clients to understand if there were any post procedure complications and if there were, how were they handled by the surgeon.

  1. Scarring is now becoming more subtle

Scarring is now becoming more subtle

Unlike the earlier breast procedures, the ones that are performed today involve fewer scars. A popular procedure that is performed these days, if you have a minor drooping is the circumareolar lift in which the only scar is around areola which is hardly visible.

  1. Implants can never last forever

Implants can never last forever

If you think by getting the breast implants done once, you’ll be sorted for life; then you will have to think again. Your breast implants can last as long as 10 years to the best after which there is every chance of your implants getting hardened or of them getting ruptured. Implants need to be changed at this point. Surgeons generally recommend an annual scan of breast scans after 10 years of the surgery.

Apart from the above things, bear in mind that there is nothing as natural looking implants. No matter the size or shape of the implants, you will have to understand that you cannot perfectly get the natural look. So, think before you take the decision to get a breast surgery done.


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