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Nail fine art

Finally nail artistry is being taken to new dizzying heights, with major cosmetic brands hailing in a re-birth of the humble nail paint. Sure, the simple coloured and polished look has its appeal, for now, but that’s going to become a thing of the past soon enough. With cutting edge technologies and a lot of innovation on the part of your friendly neighbourhood saloon girls, here is the latest trend in the mani-pedi world.

The fur/velvet look:
Tell me you don’t want to have that on you.

Something that started as a Korean trend and went on to make the leather and matte finishes look like child’s play, the velvet look can be done on nails of any length, and has a really class act overture to it.

What you’ll need:

* A good nail polish in the colour of your choice
* Flocking powder in the same colour
* A light brush
* Earbuds
* An hour

Flocking powder is generally made from fine shred fabrics; if you’re really patient, you can make it yourself at home using scissors and fabric. Shortcuts include cutting at a shredded ribbon, or ripping apart an old teddy bear.

Alternately all the major online retailers keep stocks, so you can order in.

How to do it:

*    First complete three coats of the nail polish on your nails one after another, not giving the polish time to dry after the first coat. You’ll need it wet to use the powder.

Taking the separated flocking powder and dust it over the wet nails, covering them completely.

*    Use the light (preferably fluffy) brush to brush away the extra powder. Don’t blow on the nails, that will just result in an uneven coverage of the powder.
*    After that, you use a bud to gentle dab at the powder to fix it onto your nails firmly. Don’t be too forceful unless you want a suede finish instead.
*    Now you wait for it to dry. And don’t do anything until it dries completely. Don’t use a coat over it, it won’t enhance the look, it will plaster it.

This video will help:

The subtle glow is totally the opposite of the gaudy shine of nail polish, so I prefer this sort of thing over the conventional stuff. And I tried grey, it looked like someone had actually lined my nails with a layer of carpet; I mean it looked great, and so unreal!!

Diva time!!Diva time!!


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