You might be getting old but is that showing?

You might be getting old but is that showing

One of the most common concerns of women the world over is aging. While aging is mostly to do with your health and well-being but what bothers more are the visual signs that tend to reveal the fact that you are growing old. There are some obvious signs such as the crow’s feet and the grey hair but apart from these, there are also some subtle yet prominent signs that give away your age. While these signs (most of them) are rather unavoidable and tend to appear in almost all women but you definitely have some easy fixes to take care of these (head-to-toe) signs.

Aging signs listed below are clear indicators of whether a woman is in her thirties or is closing fifty. We give you some information here about these signs and also some expert recommended fixes. These simple dermatologist-advised fixes will help you a lot younger than you are.

  1. Barely-there eyebrows

Barely-there eyebrows

If your luscious, dark eyebrows start fading out, this is perhaps the earliest signs of aging. That’s because, as you grow older, your hair tends to thin out and this includes the hair on your eyebrows too. Also, over the years, the tweezing that you have done to remove that extra hair that sticks out of your eyebrow line will make the hair follicles weak that further slows down the hair growth here.

In order to avoid the prominence of scanty eyebrows, you start taking some steps now. Stop pruning, instead go for a professional eyebrow shaping thing and take steps to maintain it. Use an eyebrow pencil to shape and slightly darken your brows.

  1. Shrinking smile

Shrinking smile

Years of using your mouth to talk, eat, chew, smile, frown and laugh; basically with years of living your life, your front teeth tend to shorten. This also happens because the constant friction wears them out too. Also, as you age, the top teeth enamel erodes gradually and this exposes the inner dentin which is darker making your smile appear faded.

In order to brighten your teeth, you can use cosmetic dentistry techniques. You can use custom made dental shells or other such procedures suggested by your dentists depending on your condition. Tooth whitening is also a recommended thing to do every few months. Dental checkups should become a regular practice as you age as your teeth are most easily impacted and need immediate attention.

  1. Wobbly ears

Wobbly ears

Over the years of wearing chandelier earrings and long dangling earrings can cause your ear lobes to thin out and stretch. Even if you are among those who have always preferred to wear studs or even nothing, your ear lobes will still not stand the test of time. The elastic skin fibers of your ear lobes will eventually weaken.

You can go for cosmetic treatments like regular use of inject-able Restylane that gives your earlobes a little lift. You can also get your hair cut in a style that tends to cover your ear lobes so that they are minimally visible. A long bob cut is a good option. And, chuck all those long earrings, get nice studs that stick on to your ears instead of falling down.

Apart from the above, there are other signs too like the changing shape of your belly button or the thinning of your neck skin, the super dry elbows or the super saggy knees and the bumps and cracks on your feet – all these are treatable (or rather hide-able) with some cosmetic treatments. You need some basic research to identify the most feasible solutions to deal with your aging signs.


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