Losing A Pet Hurts Just Like Any Other Loss – So Don’t Apologize!

The heartache is VERY real.

Grief is the psychological process of adaptation that comes after the loss of a loved one. It’s a universal experience that almost everyone goes through in a lifetime.

When we lose someone dear to us, we’re forced to adjust to a new reality in which our loved one isn’t there.

And pet owners go through this same grief process, as well.  

This likely seems obvious to pet owners, however, others (non-pet-lovers) often find the intense suffering and pain pet owners experience hard to understand.

Insensitive statements like: “You can just get a new one”, “It was just an animal,” or “Get over it” are frequent responses when someone openly grieves the loss of their pet in front of others.

But it turns out, the psychological process of grief that we go through after the loss of a petis similar to that of a human loss. Grief doesn’t depend on the characteristics of the being that has left us, it depends on the love and attachment we had for that being.

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