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Lolli style

If you think you were born real late, like neat neck ties and brogues, and think a well fit tailored dress is the best way to be a lady, then hello and welcome to the Lolita; a look that transcends time and space and robes you with élan and elegance.

Read on as I tell you how to do the look

First of the Lolita has many versions, Goth, punk, dolly, sober, plain, Victorian, kinky, futurist, Steampunk, grunge; it’s a long list, and that means A-you can try a lot of things and B-you’ll need to get picky about the style you prefer best.

Also the Lolita involves dressing like a girl, so skirts are okay. Stockings can be knee length or full length, and panty hose is okay too. And it’s not all fluffy dresses. Head accessories are not a necessity; but the stockings are. And you can use the traditional tea dress too.

Lolli styleEven when it is, it’s not like someone used a time machine.

country-lolita-lookPinafore dresses are cool too

Lolli styleYou can use sober colours without frills.


tumblr_nc0k3bPHaZ1qecu65o7_500Elegance comes in black and white too.


Frills in moderation make for a classy charm.

 Frills in moderation make for a classy charm.


classicDon’t be afraid to try the suit too.

Lolli style 22e52b445d619bd9d708680c0520a332

1e19cd1192ca5ebf788144741f49bc3aGrunge Lolita:

Lolli style


1ce759cac6f54fa6801af1660656eb2b_smallIdeal dresses you can use to Lolita

Lolli style

missa-dress-4Closet Lolis:

Taylor Swift is a Lolita, minus the head gear and stockings; but that’s because she keeps a low profile on that.

Lolli style

Nicky Minaj too.
Nicky Minaj too. As does Dakota Fanning.

Lolli styleI guess pure Lolita is a very questionable fashion mainstream, but that’s only because it is the girl peter pan of the lot. It is a look that is not preferred because it ends up getting sexed up, and it’s viewed as a bedroom trend as opposed to the fashion movement it is; but if this week in Paris is any proof of it, I think the look is about to get sassy.

If you’re looking for more, check out Juliette et Justine at London’s Tea Party Club.

Lolita over and out!!!


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