If These 5 Things Happen, He’s TOTALLY Taking Advantage Of You

Don’t let ANYONE treat you like this.

Not so sure about your relationship? Can’t really tell what it is that is going on?

Whether you are in a love relationship or a business relationship, the signs are the same… he could be taking advantage of you. That’s right, they might be walking all over you and you shouldn’t have to stand for that kind of emotional abuse.

If your romance is feeling more demeaning than uplifting lately, here are 5 signs to help you decide if you have a one-sided, toxic relationship:

1. It’s hard to define the relationship.

You know the scenario: someone asks you about your boyfriend, you stutter and start to say something like, “well, he’s not really my boyfriend. We are just seeing where things go.” In reality, you aren’t dating anyone else, you wait by the phone, hoping he will call — and you have no idea if he is actually seeing other people. In business, it could be the same. You might have someone you want to do business with, but it starts to feel like all talk and no action.

The lack of commitment is maddening, particularly when you don’t know what the other person wants or what they are doing. It’s one thing to agree on seeing other people, but it’s a whole other being evasive and not wanting to talk about the relationship with each other is in a whole other realm.

2. Communication is evasive.

Your business partner or client says they want to do a project but never get into the details or commit to anything. You feel strung along, trying to decipher any hidden meanings that will give you a clue about where this is all going. Maybe in your relationships, you ask for what you need and you never get an answer. Requests are put off and you’re left feeling unheard. You should never put your life on hold while you wait for someone else to make a move.

3. It’s all about them.

They talk about themselves, their business, their needs, but never really ask or seem to care about yours. You find that they have no clue about you, your life, your work, or your needs.

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