Growing Edible Flowers in Your Garden


Flowers add a touch of beauty to our lives. The beautiful colors and the wonderful fragrance that they have make them aesthetically appealing. The goodness of flowers doesn’t end there. You can actually use some of the flowers in your food for enhancing the flavor and look of your dishes. These edible flowers come with a rich aroma that will not just add an aesthetic touch to your dinner table but also make your food tastier. Can you ask for more?

Many upscale restaurants are now using flowers as dressing and garnish for several dishes. Some flowers also tend to be the main ingredients of some exotic foods. The edible flowers have added variety to our taste buds and made some foods taste really heavenly. In order to enjoy these edible flowers, you don’t always have to go out. You can use these flowers to make exotic foods at home and what more, you can even grow them in your very own garden!

So, can you really eat flowers?

The answer is yes. Not all flowers though, only some of them are edible. These edible flowers make for really interesting and tasty garnishes. The idea of edible flowers isn’t something that is new. However, it is true that most of us were unaware that flowers can be eaten too.10

When it comes to garnishing any regular meal, the edible flowers can do wonders. They add an array of colors, fragrance, textures and above all, exotic taste to your dishes. Some people are a little skeptical of eating flowers but there is nothing to worry about here. The edible flowers are quite safe for consumption so you don’t have to be worried at all so don’t be afraid and indulge in these exotic wonders whenever you can!

The dual-purpose edible flowers!

The edible flowers come with a dual purpose – they add beauty to your garden and also make for a tasty treat when you get them in your kitchen. Yes, you can very easily grow these edible flowers in your little garden. While you may be able to easily find exotic flowers for sale at most grocery stores, they tend to be a little expensive so if you want to enjoy them as well as not spend too much money on them, it is best to grow them yourself. However, you need to be a little careful with your gardening when you have edible flowers – you want them to be organic and pesticide free because you want to consume them so be extra careful. Here is a list of some of the most popular edible flowers that can be easily grown in your garden –


  • Nasturtiums

These are the most commonly used flowers in making exotic and gourmet food. The flowers are naturally color enhancers with their strong doze of scarlet and yellow that they render to your food. They look good with green salads and taste even better. They are also relatively easy to grow and hence, most preferred by home gardeners. Nasturtium vinegar, which is made by adding the flowers to white vinegar and letting it settle for several weeks, is a very popular ingredient among most upscale chefs.

  • Pansies

Pansies offer a minty flavor to your dishes. From cake decorations to making cream cheese appetizers, these flowers have a lot of uses in the kitchen. Again, quite easy to grow, you can have pansies in your garden all through the year.

  • Marigolds

These flowers are often used as a substitute for saffron – cooking them in oil brings out a very similar flavor and color. These flowers are not very expensive and are easy to grow making them an ideal choice among people who are new to the concept of edible flowers.


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