How to get rid of the hair color?

How to get rid of the hair color

Our hair defines our overall look largely. When you want to change your look, the simplest way to do that is to go for a hair makeover. A simple change in your hair cut, the way you style it or changing the color of your hair can go a long way in changing the way you appear. Hair color is perhaps the most prominent of ways to bring about a change in your complete look. Talking about that, you may sometimes opt for a permanent hair color but soon get over it. You may want to change the color or simply get back to your basics but you don’t want to wait till the hair color fades off on its own. If that’s the case, you would be happy to know that there are some quick (at home) ways that can help you remove your hair color without having to wait for long.

Several times it happens that you totally disapprove the hair color you have just got. It appeared great on a certain model but it just doesn’t look good on you. Don’t panic, whatever is the reason you want to get rid of your hair color, here are 5 simple and very convenient ways to do that –

  1. Bleach


This is the most common method of removing hair color but yes, this is also the harshest. Bleach can instantly remove the hair color but it can terribly harm your hair so keep this as your last resort or if any of the under mentioned methods don’t work for you. But if you have a very strong, permanent hair color and nothing else seems to work, use the bleach but follow it up with a deep conditioning treatment to your hair.

  1. Anti dandruff shampoos

Anti dandruff shampoos

The anti dandruff shampoos work well against semi-permanent hair colors. You will need to wash your hair a couple of times with a strong anti dandruff shampoo and repeat a few more times to start observing the results. This method will take some time to remove the hair color completely. Keep in mind that an anti-dandruff shampoo can dry your hair so always use a good conditioner after every wash.

  1. Vitamin C treatment

Vitamin C treatment

Again good for semi-permanent hair color, using vitamin C solution would need you to mix effervescent Vitamin C tablets in your shampoo. You will need about 2 tablets for 1000 ml of shampoo. You can also use the vitamin C powder but the tablets are more effective. Crush the tablets and mix them well with the shampoo and apply on your hair. Make sure to cover each strand and leave it on for about 20 minutes before rinsing. Follow up with a conditioner.

  1. Bath salts

Bath salts

Bath salts contain sodium bicarbonate and Epsom salt, both of which are effective for removing hair color. Add the bath salts in a huge tumbler of water and let your hair soak in them for as long as you feel good. You will even notice the color seeping out of your hair. But again, this method works well for semi permanent hair color.

  1. Hair color removers

The market is filled with hair color removal products. They work reasonably well for both permanent and semi-permanent hair color. There are two types of color removers – the color reducer and the color stripper. The color reducers are good as they cause minimal damage to your colored hair. color strippers work like the bleach and can cause much damage so you have to take very good care of your hair post using them to minimize their impact.


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