How to get your kid to talk

How to get your kid to talk

Verbal communication is an important aspect for relationships. The right verbal communication is like the foundation for every personal or social relationship and this has to be taught to your child at a very early age. When it comes to your little ones, their first words are definitely going to be very special to you. Many child psychologists and experts state that by the age of two, most kids are able to at least utter 100 words in some form or the other. While we may not be able to comprehend all those words and many of those words may not be pronounced correctly, the fact remains that your child is now ready to communicate. However, if you find that your toddler is too quiet or doesn’t make an effort to speak even after crossing his two-years mark, fret not for every child is different and more importantly, there is lot of help easily available.

We all wait patiently (sometimes, impatiently) for our little kids to start speaking. Everyone associated with the child, even distant relatives, are always concerned on when the baby starts talking. While most babies will respond positively and start speaking right on time, there are some who refuse to speak even a single word by the age of three. In most cases, there is no reason for you to worry. It is possible that your little one is taking that extra time to get started but be rest assured that he or she is registering every new word in his or her mind. Do keep in mind that once your little one gets started, you will have a tough time handling all that chitter-chatter and may even crave for your moments of silence!

Tips on getting your babies to start talking

You may not always have to force your kid to start talking but yes, you can definitely help him get started. Here are some tips that will help you make your baby start talking in a subtle yet effective manner.

  • Start early, real early

Communicating with your baby is the first step towards forming a special love bond. Start talking to your baby as soon as you get him in your arms. While your baby may not understand your words, he sure will understand the fact that you are communicating with him. Your baby will soon start reacting with all the baby babbles and unintelligible sounds in response to your words. Once your child is about 18 months, you can encourage your child to say clearly small words like water, chocolate, biscuit, etc. to indicate what he wants and reward him when he does that.

  • Encourage your kids to be expressive

When your baby has started uttering those first few words, you have to also encourage your baby to be expressive. As open ended questions like – did you like your food today? What did you do with your nanny all day? Such questions will help him place his words in context to the subject and make him learn more on expressive himself.

  • Helping a quiet child to talk

Make all your activities with your child interactive. Start every activity with a question and reward your child for answering. This should be for every activity and not just play time. After a few days, make sure that you indicate it to your baby that you will only respond when your baby will speak out. Wait at the kitchen table before serving till your baby asks for food or pick a story book and start reading only when your baby asks for it verbally.

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