Five Ways To Differentiate Between Love And Romance

Love and romance are such notions that people often mix up. Why does it happen? Why do we often confuse these simple at first sight concepts? And how can we learn to distinguish love from romance and romance from love? Actually, it isn’t so difficult to learn to do. First of all, we must learn to understand ourselves, our feeling and emotions, our mental states and wishes. We must learn to hear ourselves. And then we should pay attention to 5 main ways how everyone can easily differentiate true love from romance.

1. Romance is short-run, but Love is eternal

Romance appears from time to time when we need it and when we want it. Romance includes the thrilling delicate moments and situations within relationships that last for some time and end one day or transform into love (this also can happen). Love is constantly alive feeling that endures even if your relationships ended or did not develop. You always feel it every and every minute. You always think of it.

2. Romance is superficial, but Love is true

Romance is a brilliant state of mind, but it, unfortunately, fades with time. When this happens, you realize that all these relationships were frivolous and shallow that you were good together, but all of that behind you that’s why you give up your relationships immediately. On the contrary, Love is characterized as a personal commitment and sacrifice. When you fall in love, you are willing to do anything for this love and you think nothing but this love!

3. Romance can happen many times, but Love happens once in a lifetime

Romance happens so often in your life. You have relationships than giving them up you try another without any suffering. Love is a feeling that you can feel only one time in your life and this feeling will be true and be comparable to nothing. To destroy your love means to kill your soul.

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