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Do-it-Yourself Gift Ideas for Your Loving Husband

We all love gifts. No matter how small or big, a gift always expresses love and affection. Gifts show that you care. While there is anything and everything that you can give as gifts to your loved ones, the fact is that nothing can be as special as something that is handmade and personalized. Store bought, ready-made gifts can be given anytime but if you want to make your partner feel super special, it would be great to spend your precious time and make something for him. This gift, even if it is a simple card, will always remain special.

Gifts don’t usually call for an occasion. You can give your husband gifts for no reason at all. However, there can be some very special times when you would want to return the love, care and concern he has always showered you with. And, what better way to do so than to make something special for him all by yourself. Here is a list of some great handmade gift ideas for your husband that he will truly adore. You don’t need any special skills to make these gifts. All you need is some time and a lot of love in you for your dear husband.

Creative handmade gift ideas for your husband

Handmade gifts show your creative side. Whatever is the DIY gift you want to make, it is your creativity that will add value to it. You can try anything but to help you get started with your DIY gifts, here are some unique ideas –

Do-it-Yourself Gift Ideas for Your Loving Husband

  • A DIY Scratch Card

A very fun and creative gift for your husband, a DIY scratch card is a wonderful way to surprise your husband and treat him to something he truly loves. Take a card paper that has a little sheen on it. Cut the paper in the size of a credit card rectangle. Make sure the paper you choose does not absorb any liquid. Now write something interesting on the card like “Scratch and Win” or “Surprise for you”. Draw a rectangle on the card and write down fun prizes there such as ‘Free Erotic Back Massage’, ‘Your favorite meal’, etc. Use an old nail polish to pain over the writing and you are done. Give this card to your husband and ask him to scratch the card to know what gift he has got. Sounds interesting and fun? It sure is!

  • Places We’ve been to or things we have done together picture frame

A collage of all your pictures together is another very good DIY gift for your husband. You can make it as big or as small as you want. In fact, you can try a smaller collage that your husband can keep on his office desk and be reminded of you. Choose pictures of both of you together on you different vacations or doing stuff that you both enjoy together. Cut the pictures in different shapes and use your special messages across the pictures to make the collage a beautiful keepsake.

  • Pack of cards

If your husband loves to play cards, this is a great gift idea for him. Pull out each card from the stack and write 52 different things on each of the card that you love about your husband. This will be a wonderful keepsake for him and every time he plays the cards, he will think of the love you have for him.

The best gifts are those that come from your heart. Make your husband feel special with your special treat for him. DIY gifts are just a great way to show your special love.


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