Ashley Graham’s Tough Workout Will Make You Sweat Just Watching It

Ashley Graham is proving that there’s a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes in modeling, especially in the gym. On Friday, the Vogue cover girl gave her Instagram followers a glimpse into one of her exercise routines at The Dogpound, and we’re out of breath just from watching her go.

Graham’s first heart-pumping move is a sledgehammer swing, which involves swinging a heavy, long-handled hammer and hitting a gigantic tire. The Thorlike move obviously works the shoulders and arms, but it’s also great for recruiting the lower back and every area of the abdominal muscles as she rotates. (And, as SELF senior editor Amy Marturana points out, “nothing will make you feel more badass than sledgehammer swings.”) The 29-year-old is being coached through her workout by Dogpound founder Dawin Peña, whose Instagram handle is (ironically) @tiny_dp.

Next in the video, the two move on to a slideboard drill where Peña tosses a ball to Graham as she glides from left to right. The exercise trains coordination and works the inner and outer thighs as you glide from side to side.

Peña and Graham continue their game of catch in another challenging position, with Graham performing push-ups as she tosses the ball back and forth. Playing with the ball during push-ups means that Graham has to prop up her body in the plank position with only her toes and one arm for brief moments—yow! A resistance band around her hips makes the push-up slightly easier (but still plenty challenging).

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