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All that-porcelain and wood

All that-porcelain and wood_18

Home decor is always a torrid affair. You’re going to live there and it’s your `face’, of sorts, so you can’t completely take it easy. Or can you?

There was a pottery workshop I’ve been going to these last two weeks, and it gets over tomorrow, but I learnt some really cool stuff. We got invited to a couple of exhibitions too. While my take away is not just about pottery but about the arts and crafts too, I’m going to go ahead with this bit about home decor.

A few of the most effective ways to beautify your living space include with porcelain, wood and glass and clay. It’s a no brainer for the most part, but the pieces you select will define you. I’m not talking a small trinket you keep at the entrance or in the showcase, I mean a pièce de résistance that no one can not look at, repeatedly. This is not a decoration, it’s a statement.

Like this matching set…





Is there a better way to serve tea?

better way

A living dead work would make for a halting corner piece.

Speaking of corner pieces

Speaking of corner pieces


All of the stuff is porcelain in these:

porcelain3 porcelain 1 porcelain 2

With a wall like that I’m sure to make a statement.

All that-porcelain and wood

If I had a wall like that in my main hall…..

All that-porcelain and wood_1

All that-porcelain and wood_2

Self-made wall art is cool.

All that-porcelain and wood_3

And you can get stuff like these mini-tiles to do it yourself.

All that-porcelain and wood_4

Or you can actually work with the clay yourself in your own art class.

All that-porcelain and wood_5

Porcelain is an excellent medium of expression, whether you’re a pro, or just someone with broken or unbroken china and glue or homemade cement.

Wood works the same way, but it has a more stoic beauty to it.

All that-porcelain and wood_6

Side tables

All that-porcelain and wood_7

This is an easy tutorial

All that-porcelain and wood_7

All that-porcelain and wood_8

All that-porcelain and wood_9All that-porcelain and wood_10

This is the coolest table ever…

All that-porcelain and wood_11

All that-porcelain and wood_12

Bookcase wall…

All that-porcelain and wood_13

It’s about how you want to do it, how you want to stick your neck out; whatever you do, it will make a noise, it’s about how you have your soul reflected off of the piece you make or buy; buying is not bad, sometimes an artist can speak to your soul too.

Two more short ones include clay and glass.

Clay is an easy one…

All that-porcelain and wood_14

All that-porcelain and wood_15

All that-porcelain and wood_16

I would love to have a wall filled with these.

Glass has one version on the top, the stained or painted one.

All that-porcelain and wood_17

Go ahead, whip out the paints and saw, get to the beach, look around, get creative, go shopping; find that one piece to make everything else an echo.


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